Goodbye. Tot ziens. Auf Wiedersehen. Do widzenia. Arrivederci. Au revoir.

Last words as the last day closes. It’s been grand. It’s been as good as could be.

The weather turned as they said it would. I’ve spent the evening relaxing in the room. This is the final post. Tomorrow, home.

We end with a thunderstorm, forks of lightning.

Tomorrow life begins again. All the talk of life. All the thoughts of the future faced head on. Pretty words, and tomorrow, action. Remembering what we promised remember, trying not to forget what we promised to forget. Hopeful for the future.

Fiends and devils in the gardens
Take their fill and leave me scarred
But I still have my secret weapon
This, my brave and hopeful heart.

~ Sarah Slean (it’s her birthday today too)



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