Home, where my thought’s escaping

About an hour ago my body decided it wanted to be home. After all these miles, I can’t imagine how many miles, on a warm afternoon in the Voldelkpark, suddenly it was time. Headed back to the hotel, and here I’ll remain for the afternoon. It’s my birthday, I’ve had the best three weeks of my life, I’ve got my little deck here, I’ve got some wine. A few well-earned hours to put my feet up and watch the city go by.


Took in a few final sights today. Didn’t end up renting a bike, but that’s okay. Another church, another museum, a nice lunch on the square, a walk in the park. Anne Frank House tonight, a little diner somewhere. And then we’re up early tomorrow for the airport and the long journey home.

Some Sarah Brightman lines:

The journey home is never too long
Your heart arrives before the train
The journey home is never too long
Some yesterdays always remain

I’m going back to where my heart was light
When my pillow was a ship, I sailed through the night


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